Vlinder, a 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd, and her handler Jeff Davis make up SGT K-9. The inseparable pair stands ready and willing to help the community prevent drug abuse.

Marine Corps veteran Davis became an entrepreneur specializing in drug detection and prevention in July.

Vlinder, his furry, four-legged assistant is his business partner, trained to sniff out illegal drugs.

“I used my GI Bill for the canine customs course and the Veterans Association donated the dog to the program,” Davis said.

Davis and Vlinder train narcotics detection with the Smith County Sheriff’s Office and Tyler Police Department K-9 officers. Vlinder is trained to detect cocaine, methamphetamine and heroine.

Davis hopes to assist East Texas communities combat drug abuse issues. SGT K-9 can be called on to do drug detection work for private residents, business owners and schools.

“If a parent is worried that their teenager may be using drugs, they can hire Vlinder and I,” Davis said. “I’ll work with my clients to meet their needs. I’m available to search their home, their child’s bedroom or car and determine if there is evidence of illegal drugs.”

Davis said he also can do the same at schools and businesses.

“The owners are in charge of their business and if I find evidence of illegal drugs, it’s in their hands,” Davis said. “I let the business owner know what we found and he or she can deal with the issue as they see fit. It’s the same thing for parents, in homes, schools and out around East Texas.”

Davis also can teach drug and alcohol prevention classes to youth and teenagers.

“A lot of teens don’t understand how marijuana is legal in some places, but not legal in Texas,” Davis said. “There’s also a need to educate them on the effects the drug has on their developing brains and bodies.”