Chicken and waffles is one of the best meals of all time. You may wince at the strange-sounding combo, but that simply means you haven't tried it yet. It’s warm and soft, crunchy and salty, hot sticky sweet, just like Def Leppard promised.

I didn’t think the combination could get any better until I tried chicken and donuts. You read that correctly.

"Chicken n Donuts" was cooked up by the pastry masterminds at Boston-based Union Square Donuts for National Donut Day, June 2. It features fresh-made brioche dough, bathed in mirror-smooth maple glaze and topped with fried chicken skin.

The secret to the delicious flavor is how the chicken skin is seasoned.

"It's really about dialing in the spice on the skin because you really want it to taste like chicken and waffles," explains Cory Clarke, executive pastry chef at Union Square Donuts. "Once we had that it was just, oh yeah. People... their eyes rolled back into their head, so I knew we had something good."

And that they do. While we’re not privy to the secret concoction, the chicken skin emerges perfectly salty with just a hint of spice that balances the sweet glaze.

I’m typically not one for superlatives, but this is the best donut I’ve ever eaten. Maybe because it was fresh out of the fryer, but everything about it—the chewy dough, the salty chicken, and the glaze ratio borne of lots of trial-and-errors—is nothing short of perfection.

While Union Square Donuts is known for their unusual-but-delicious recipes like sea salted bourbon caramel, Vietnamese coffee, and coconut masala, Chicken n Donuts is a whole new level. The limited flavor will only be available on June 2, so chow down while you can.