On National Best Friend’s Day, CBS 19 visited with two Tyler women who took their life-long friendship to another level as business partners.

Ashley Feldman and Lindsey Harrison co-own Wienerland on 1325 E. 5th St. across from Tyler Junior College.
The ladies said said Tylerites were sad after the 45-year-old hot dog joint closed, so they decided to help keep the stand’s legacy alive together.

"One Sunday we were sitting there with hair nets on, making chili and we can truly say we never thought we would be doing this," said Feldman

They have been best friends for more than 30 years. In fact, their parents were friends before they were born 6 days apart.

"Growing up we did everything together,” Harrison said laughing. “Our moms would take us on beach trips every single year, we have so many old pictures together."

They have gone their separate ways at different points in their lives but they said they always seem to find each other again.

They acknowledge it is unusual for best friends to go into business together, especially to sell hot dogs. However, they said it only made sense to do it with each other.

"Where I’m weak she's strong and where she's strong I’m weak,” Harrison said. “I wouldn't want to do it with anybody else. It's been so much fun we've had a blast doing it."

While they admit they are polar opposites, they said there is nothing they cannot rely on each other for.
"She is loyal,” Feldman said. “She is there when I need her. If I am just having a rough day or if I’m having a fight with my husband or having a mental about my children, it's literally call my sister and then call Lindsey."

Even their children are best friends, Harrison said.

"I call Ashley about any kind of troubles I’m having,” said Harrison. “We tell each other everything and she’s there no matter what, for me and for my kids. When we go a day without seeing her and her family, my kids think something’s wrong.”

That is why on National Best Friend’s Day, they disagree with anyone who says going into business with your friend is a bad idea.

"I would not want to wear a hair net and make chili with any other human," Feldman said laughing.