A neighbor was arrested for deadly conduct in connection with an incident on Inwood Drive where homeowners recently reported gunshot damage.

Police believe Levi Dry, 33, is responsible for the bullet holes and damage at the Golightly's home on Inwood Drive that happened Nov. 7.

A family member noticed bullet holes in Dry's door that lined up to the damage in their own home and notified authorities.

Investigators then searched Dry's home and found evidence to suspect his involvement.

A statement released by the Bullard Police Department states in part:

"...ultimately one of those shots fired from the from the suspect was buckshot and exited the suspect's north facing door and entered the victim's south facing master bedroom wall before traveling across the master bedroom and going through the wall dividing the master bedroom from the master closet where clothing stopped the projectiles that were ultimately recovered for evidentiary purposes."

The Golightly's were not home at the time of the incident. Read their story.