Election day is less than two weeks away and, with any campaign, candidates make promises – and attacks.

But who’s more honest? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Politifact is a widely-respected fact-checking team.

During the campaign they researched statements from both candidates and rated them from true to pants on fire false!

Of the 312 claims made by Donald Trump – Politifact found more than one-third of them were lies. 19% were mostly false. Another 18% of claims were found to be blatantly made up.

Politifact found just 29% of Trump’s claims to be at least half-true.

As for Hillary Clinton – Politifact found that the democrat was overwhelmingly truthful in her campaign claims.

Politifact rated 208 of Clinton’s 283 claims at least half true.

That’s 74%. Another 14% were mostly false.

Fact-checkers found 2% to be blatantly made up.