With the new tax deadline of Tuesday, Apr. 18, many are rushing to get their taxes filed this week.
Tamera Jinks with the Better Business Bureau serving Central East Texas says while looking for someone to file your taxes, you should also be making sure to protect your personal information.

“You want to make sure that they have the legitimate resources to file your taxes so that you're not going to get scammed and someone is not going to take your information or file your taxes and take your money," said Jinks.

If tax payers are planning on filing their taxes online, they should always make sure it’s a secure website. One way to check is by simply checking the sites URL.

“Make sure to look for the HTTPS at the beginning of the URL on the website," said Jinks.

Tax payers should also avoid using a public Wi-Fi network while filing the paperwork.

“I wouldn't go to a public place and use a public Wi-Fi,” said Jinks. “Anyone can hack into your computer or your device through a public Wi-Fi.”

Most importantly, Jinks says if something does not seem right while doing your taxes, avoid giving out your information.

“If you feel weird about a place, if you go there and it seems like they just set up shop there and they're not there on a regular basis or maybe they don't use a secure network for their computers, you don't have to do their taxes there,” said Jinks. “Just leave."