EMORY (KYTX) -- Former Rains County Sheriff's deputy Jerrod Dooley did not appear in court as scheduled for arraignment Thursday. Instead he filed a waiver of arraignment.

In the court filing Dooley entered a plea of "not guilty" to a charge of Animal Cruelty. Recently filed court documents specifically describe the charge as "cruelty to non-livestock animals:torture."

Dooley is accused of shooting and killing a cow dog on April 19, 2014 named Candy who belonged to Cole Middleton of Rains County.

Dooley had responded to a report of a break-in at Middleton's home and encountered the dog while Middleton was working in a field near the property. The Rains County Sheriff's department later confirmed that Dooley had shot Candy.

Dooley claimed self defense after saying he feared for his life. The claims were caught on video as Middleton recorded the ensuing events on his phone.

A necropsy report later said that Candy was shot in the back as she retreated from Dooley's position.

Dooley was fired from the Sheriff's department several days after Candy's death.

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