It could be an especially bad summer for Lake Erie, with scientists predicting one of the worst algae blooms in years.

On Thursday, NOAA scientists gave their final forecast for Lake Erie this year and it was not good.

They say the problem stems from a harmful algae bloom that will form in western Lake Erie and spread, posing a risk to both people and their pets.

History has shown what a bad year can do.

In 2014, a bloom contaminated drinking water in Toledo and southeastern Michigan, affecting 400,000 people.

Scientist predict this year is also certain to register above-harmful levels.

Exact locations, however, could quite literally depend on which way the wind blows.

“If you have a southwest wind, Ontario has a problem. If you have a northeast wind, Ohio has a problem,” one scientist said.

Once source said they are beginning to keep an eye on the region around Kelleys Island.

WATCH | WKYC Channel 3's Carl Bachtel discusses the Lake Erie algal bloom forecast after researchers have warned of one in western Lake Erie.