An Austin woman has made quite a name for herself online with her trip to Arlington for Monday night's Cowboy's game.

She wanted to send a message to her former fiancé who may not have picked the best way to break up with her.

Brenna Clanton shared her message through a sign that has since gone viral. It reads "My fiancé dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas."

"A lot of people just wanted to read it," Clanton said. "Some people would laugh, a lot of people wanted to take pictures. This just wasn't fair and I wanted to let people know that."

She said she's still upset her former fiancé broke things off over text message two months ago and that the last thing he wrote to her was that they didn't have anything in common.

"That was probably the one thing that stood out to me the most," Clanton said. "I just didn't understand the nothing in common part. I thought it was very strange and I felt like we did have a lot in common"

Including a love for America's team.

"We're both huge cowboys fans," Clanton said.

Just days before the breakup, she had bought him two tickets to Monday's game.

"I figured it would be an amazing gift - really close seats," Clanton said. "I really wanted to splurge for it for a Christmas present"

At the game, with her best friend by her side, she had no problem letting him know what he's missing out on.

"He would have had a blast," Clanton said. "Just the experience itself and being so close. I knew if he were to see the sign, he'd know exactly what I meant."

Like the Cowboys, Clanton is working on a comeback of her own but added she doesn't need a man to know she's a catch.

What she would like instead is closure.

"You know if you needed to break it off just talk to me," Clanton said. "I'm a person, just let me know what's going through your head."

Although Clanton's former fiancé has not responded to the sign, dozens of other people have on her Instagram. She said a lot of them are offering their support and she is very appreciative.