East Texas students are out of school for summer but some students are choosing to spend a portion of their break learning about patient care.

Tyler Junior College is giving these students an opportunity to explore healthcare careers through the Introduction to High Tech Health Careers Summer Camp.

"This summer camp is for those individuals that have an interest in high-tech health careers or those that are not sure what they want to do for their future career,” said Heath Stoner, director of Tyler Junior College summer camps. “So many of them sign up for this so that they can be exposed to the opportunities in the health profession."

The three day camp gives students ages 13 to 18 the opportunity to play out real life scenarios they could encounter working in a hospital.

"We learned about CPR, IVs and morphine, and chest tubes," said Nevin Fields, a student at Whitehouse Junior High.

Life lessons that are carried out with the help of high-tech mannequins.

"They work with a number of almost live mannequins. These mannequins act like a real humans," said Stoner.

Students who are participating in this year's camp say they encourage their peers to consider attending next year.

"I would say definitely do it because you will learn so much and it will be so much fun," said Brynn Huskey, a student at Three Lakes Middle School.

Tyler Junior College offers dozens of different summer camps. You can get more information by visiting the Tyler Junior College website.