THOMASVILLE, NC – Clothes, shoes, pictures frames, old furniture; items you expect to be donated and found at Goodwill.

Someone’s ashes? Not so much.

But, sure enough, Jess Cranford’s male co-worker found a small bottle, with the name ‘Missy’ written on top, and the words ‘Dad’s Ashes’ around the center.

“He (co-worker) always bring us the strange things he finds to show me and Ashley (another co-worker),” Cranford explained. “I think his words were, 'You’re not going to believe what I just found.' It’s a McCormick spice container inside a little Ziploc bag.”

It’s unusual…and only a little uncommon.

In the past 15 years, this is the third time someone’s ashes have been accidentally donated to Goodwill. The first two times, the urns had funeral home markings on them, making it easier to return to sender. This time, is a little different. There’s very little information, and it’s unclear exactly when the ashes were dropped off at the donation site.

Cranford decided to take responsibility for the gentleman, posting a picture of the bottle on Facebook, with a simple plea to share and call her if the relative was found.

“I feel like he needs to find his family,” Cranford said. “Take care of him and treat him with the respect he deserves.”

It’s the wrong final resting place for this dad.

“Would you want your final resting place to be in a safe at a Goodwill headquarters?” questioned Cranford.

She believes the deceased may have had several children and the ashes were split amongst them.

“There’s got to be somebody else out there,” she said before adding, “Because if it were me in that bottle I would hope someone would do that same for me.”

The ashes will be kept at the Goodwill corporate office in Winston-Salem until someone comes forward to claim them. The number is (336) 714-3039 or an email can be sent to ‚Äč