Dylan Burleson suffers from epilepsy, so when he heard the weather was turning for the worse he figured he'd run home after work to get his medicine before the roads flooded. When he ran inside, he says everything went still.

"It's quiet and then all the sudden you just the train roar," Burleson said. "My heart kind of dropped."

He said he grabbed his things and ran toward the front door.

"And I saw trees slantng at like a 90 degree angle you could just see them slowly coming out," Burleson said.

5 seconds after he dove into the car, he says the 175 mile per hour twister tore his house from the ground by its foundation.

"It started at one end and just like peeled it up," he said.

The windows in his car shattered and that is when the tree crashed down on his car, right over the drivers seat.

"I saw it coming out of the corner of my eye and it just landed right on top," he said. "It kinda cut me on the top of my head."

He says if the tree had not pinned the car, the tornado would have picked the car up, much like it did his neighbor's car. He said if the tree had been any heavier, it would have crushed him alive.

"That's when i told myself I was dying, this is it, and then I prayed and all i could do was scream," he said.

It came and went in 15 seconds, but that is all it took.

"There was nothing but the blocks left where the house and carport was," said Burleson.

He says for the next few nights, both he and his room mates had nightmares, but the East Texas community has stepped up and taken care of him in ways he could have never imagined.

"I've had people come up to the shop to give $100 here, $50 there."

Now, it's a matter of rebuilding from square one.

His room mate's mother set up a GoFundMe account which can be found by clicking this link.