The Tyler Police Department went door-to-door on Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to introduce themselves as part of its Enhanced Community Outreach Program. And they also asked what they can do for the community.

This is one of many programs the department has to become closer to the community.

They will also be addressing concerns such as criminal activity, traffic issues, abandoned vehicles and code enforcement property concerns. If a concern is brought up that involves another city department they will assist with information for which department is responsible for working on the issue.

“It is our hope to continue to develop relationships and helping others,” said Police Chief Jimmy Toler in a press release. “Reaching out to a small area will allow us to identify and address immediate concerns.”

The Community Outreach Program included a portion of the Mid-Town section of the City.

Streets included are College and Houston, South to College and Rusk, West to Rusk and Palace, and then North to Palace and Houston.

Mike Smith spoke with CBS 19 and mentioned his concern for speeding. He says people will cut over from Broadway st. onto S. College St. on their way to Old Jacksonville. The speed concerns him because of the kids in the neighborhood and the school that is close by.

Sandra Abdullah says her concern is closer to the park area. She notices what she believes is drug exchanges, so instead of walking to the park she now drives. Abdullah says she feels safe in the neighborhood but thinks if police would patrol a little more often those potential drug exchanges wouldn't be there.