Good news! Teddy Bear has been located and is safe!

Dallas Love Field Airport posted the joyous news earlier this afternoon:

Nikki said she and Luke are headed to the airport first thing tomorrow to be reunited. Don't worry Luke, Teddy Bear is safe and sound and can't wait to see you!



Dallas Love Field Airport is helping a little boy try and find his beloved bear accidentally left behind at the airport Monday morning.

According to the boy's mother, the bear was accidentally left on an outside bench Monday during the loading process into the grandparent's car. The little boy is visiting his grandparents in Rockwall this week.

The grandparents quickly realized what happened, circled back and looked around, but didn't find sweet Teddy Bear.

"We are all heartbroken," she posted. "He was my son's 'blankie,' his best friend. Teddy Bear has been everywhere with us."

Dallas Love Field posted a special lost alert on their Facebook page as well, in hopes of finding this beloved Teddy bear.

Please share to help Mr. Bear get back home to his family! Contact Dallas Love Field or message Nikki Swafford if you have seen Mr. Teddy Bear.