Vanity Bell said if it had not been for relatives who risked their own lives to save her four children, they might have been killed in the series of tornadoes that devastated Van Zandt County Saturday, May 3.

She said had stepped out for date night when she got a call from her cousin, who lives down the road. She said her cousin warned her that the weather was turning severe.

She immediately raced back home when she got the call.

“We’re all safe, but honey your home is gone,” Bell recalled her cousin saying.

She said if her cousin had pulled the kids from the home just four minutes later, they would have been inside when the tornado hit.

While she said she’s still in shock over losing everything she’s worked for, the only thing that matters is that her children are safe.

Family and friends set up a GoFundMe account for the Bells. Click here for the link.