What About Kabob, Tyler’s funky, fusion restaurant with everything from gyros to burgers, has closed.

Owner Stacey Corry says a combination of factors worked against the restaurant.

“We had some problems with the location,” she said of the small shopping center at 713 WSW Loop 323. “But really, with so many restaurants opening lately, it’s put a lot of pressure on all of us old folks. When something new comes in, everyone wants to try it, and we get forgotten.”

On Tuesday morning, she posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page, “Sorry everyone, but we had to close the restaurant. Just not enough business to stay open. We may reopen in a different location at a later time. We will miss you all!”

The restaurant opened in 2011 and quickly built a loyal following. But in recent years, the restaurant market has grown fiercely competitive, Ms. Corry said.

“We’ve been really struggling since November,” she said. “I wish it could be different, but we’re not millionaires and we just couldn’t keep supporting it. But thank all of our wonderful customers for us. We’ll miss them.”