TYLER, Texas - All Saints has had some great athletes throughout their history. But the two that signed on Monday might be two of their best.

Sean Phillips signed to continue his basketball career at St. Edward's in Austin. Phillips was one of the Trojans top players and was on ESPN's top 100 list at one point before his senior season. While Phillips dealt with some injury problems this past year, he's feeling better now and looking forward to starting his college career.

Macie Jones signed with SMU where she'll be a cheerleader next year. Jones becomes the first All Saints student ever to get a division 1 cheerleading scholarship. And she's also a star away from the field, as she's a member of National Honor Society and a number of clubs at the school.

Both Phillips and Jones are excited to finally get signed and know where they'll be next year. And they both say they're looking forward to being on campus.