CARTHAGE - After ending up back in the state semifinals. The Carthage Bulldogs find themselves in familiar territory.

"Once you have something you know you want another piece just as simple as getting a piece of cake it's so tempting so having that taste of state you know that's what we want again especially us seniors," says senior running back Keaontay Ingram.

For Ingram, and the team staying focused is essential to going back to the state finals.

"You know it's a team effort there's 11 guys on offense there's 11 guys on defense, the young guys following the older guys so when you have something special like that something special can happen," explains Ingram.

There's been many people on this team who've stepped up during the course of the season but there's one player that has flown under the radar and his name is Gunner Capps.

"Just to get back and come in here and do my best to get better for the team everyday and help them out as much as I can because I know they're going to do they're part," says junior quarterback Gunner Capps.

For head coach Scott Surratt, Capps' evolution from week one of the season to now has been amazing.

"He's light years right now from where he was in the first of the year and that's just experience we knew it was going to take him a little bit, you know anytime you throw 44 touchdowns in 14 games you've had a pretty nice season."

Ingram agrees.

"Aw man he's a big factor in our offense you know to have a guy like that you know is unselfish you know he's going to do what it takes," explains Ingram.

But Capps' shear dismantling of defenses, and stellar play didn't happen overnight.

"Well I definitely feel like I've gotten better thanks to the coaches and coach Surratt helps me a lot coach Dixon, simple things down and make things easier and make you understand the game," explains Capps.

Yet, at the end of the day the junior quarterback attributes his success to his brothers on the field.

"Just giving me the time to put it on the money for those receivers, and they're going to make plays even if they're not open they're just going to go up and get it, they make me look good half the time."

As the Carthage prepares for La Vega this Friday, Capps is all about stepping up to the plate.

"I like to be in charge and take charge of the offense...'you like to tell people what to do'...yes sir."

Carthage plays La Vega Friday 7:30 p.m. at the Star in Frisco, TX.