The Tyler City Council meeting on Wednesday was a place of excitement and misunderstanding for The University of Texas at Tyler.

While rumors of bringing a football team to the school have been floating around for years, the timing and process for such a move is still in the works.

CBS19 has confirmed with UT Tyler that it is preparing an application for Division II status. Below is a statement from Lucas Roebuck, UT Tyler's Vice President for Marketing and Chief Communications Director:

Through the process of developing a university strategic plan earlier this year, The University of Texas at Tyler leadership began to consider if moving to NCAA Division II could play a role in advancing the university mission. The student engagement and brand value of a robust athletic program being evident, President Michael Tidwell tasked Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletic Director Howard Patterson to research the viability of NCAA Division II membership. After thoroughly vetting the idea with internal research and an outside expert consultant, the university is currently preparing an application for Division II membership. The university does not have plans to add a football team at this time.

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