NBA free agency gets larger and larger each year, and the pot of money available to high profile players increases as well.

The 2017 NBA free agency kicked off on July 1st; and during the first 48 hours, there were multiple players who agreed to $100 million contracts or higher. Part of the reason for the lucrative contracts is due to the new CBA rule and the new 2017-2018 salary cap.

However, there are many who believe that certain players (such as Stephen Curry's 5 yr/$201 million contract) are simply being overpaid.

The purpose of this commentary is to address why players receive outrageously high contracts. When taking a closer look at how much money each franchise is valued at, the players' salaries are just a small fraction of the total money that is being generated.

While players' salaries may seem unjustifiably large, it may come as a surprise that most players are worth every penny, if not more.