For the first time ever, both Panola College and TJC's volleyball teams will be playing in the national tournament in the same year. Even though both schools are rivals, they're both pulling for one another.

TJC head volleyball coach Brandi Hood reiterated that. "Its fun to have a partner out there, whether we're rivals or not. We're still going to be rooting for one another."

Both colleges played each other during the regular season and there's a possibility they can meet up in the national title game. TJC freshman Rachel Reeve is desperately hoping for that to happen. "We want to play them again. We want to meet them in nationals again and take the win."

Regardless of who wins, both teams are grateful to be there. Panola sophomore Rachel Henderson stated, "Everybody's excited and everyone is ready to go. Everybody is hyped and has the same goal."

The national tournament runs from Thursday-Saturday in Casper Wyoming.