West Texas certainly loves high school football — but what if it took your team almost 1,000 miles round-trip?

KIDY’s Tyler Erskin tries to make sense of this road trip the Eldorado Eagles had to make last week.

Some football teams go as far as one side of town to the next. But can you imagine nearly going as far as Mexico?

Eldorado traveled last week just a few blocks away from the border to play the game they love.

“Well, we left at 7:30 on Friday morning and got back around 7:15 Saturday morning,” Head Coach Bryan Green said.

“Most of the time, we’re concentration. Yeah, there were some times we were talking and stuff, but we were all trying to mentally prepare,” Mathias Button, an Eldorado senior offensive/defensive lineman, said.

They had plenty of time for concentration -- and a few stops as well, seeing as the trip was over 800 miles.

“Stopped at UTEP, and they were gracious enough to give us a tour of their facilities,” Coach Green said.

“My legs were all gone by the time we got there,” Button said.

“Coaches' wives and their kids rode on the bus with us and that made us coaches a little relieved for that…I understand UIL, their hands are kind-of tied with that, making sure they get into a district they can play,” Coach Green said.

Not a big deal — according to who?

“Be real easy to bring Forsim with us, send that district up in the Lubbock area. Send them out west. Us, as coaches, we were drained. And I know if we were drained, the players were drained,” Coach Green said.

Well, as for me, I’ll just stick to your typical down the street ball game because this right here is just straight crazy.

Would you ever do this type of trip again?

“This type of trip, yeah, I would. I love the game,” Button said. “This [is] my last year senior year, I’d probably do anything for this game.”