TYLER - Jay Novacek was a star for the Cowboys in the early '90s. Since his career ended, he's kept busy in a variety of projects and on Thursday, one of those projects brought him to East Texas.

Novacek was in Tyler for the centennial celebration of Heritage Land Bank. He spent some time visiting with fans and signing autographs.

Novacek is a 5-time Pro Bowl tight end and a 3-time Super Bowl champion. He knows a thing or two about the pressure an athlete or a team faces with a title on the line. So he knows exactly what's going on with the Astros right now.

He says, "You have to go out there saying there's no one that's going to beat us and when you get to those terms and you have the whole team thinking that way from the coaches all the way down to the last player then that's what makes championship teams."