ARP - The 7th grade Harmony girls basketball team made history on Monday night. With their win over Arp, they became the first 7th grade girls basketball team to go undefeated in the school's history.

"It's been amazing," stated head coach Whitney Justice, "These girls have been awesome, and I've loved every second of coaching them this season." 7th grade basketball player Lanie Trimble echoed those sentiments. "It feels pretty awesome...feel pretty good about it."

The basketball team received a lot of support this year from a loyal fan base. "We love our girls, everyone comes in and gets together. We're just one big happy family," explained Harmony parent Eric Gill. Gill happens to lead the Harmony fans in various chants from the bleachers, during every game.

As with any undefeated season, it instills confidence in the players, and the Harmony Lady Eagles are no different. When asked if they can defeat the Harmony girls high school varsity team, 7th grader Shay Turner proudly exclaimed "Yes! We can shoot three's on them. It's not even a question."

In the meantime, they're just looking forward to celebrating the great season they had. Coach Justice stated they will likely celebrate the feat by having "some blizzards at Dairy Queen."

The school plans to commemorate their season by putting a banner up inside the gym.