HOUSTON - One of the biggest fundraisers to help victims of Harvey was started by Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.

What started off as a quest to raise a few dollars to help the relief efforts has turned into a national effort to raise several millions to help people get back on their feet.

Watt has been tweeting updates throughout the last few days. His original goal was $500,000 but he blew past that in no time. The new goal is $10 million and they should hit that at some point on Thursday.

If you would like to donate, click here.

He's not the only athlete raising money for Houston. The "Tyler Rose", Earl Campbell, is doing what he can to help his old home. Campbell was a star for the Oilers and on Friday, he'll donate a portion of the proceeds from his restaurant in the Austin airport to help Harvey victims. He'll be at the airport from 10-5 on Friday to encourage people to donate.

Earl says, "I'm so proud of the way [Houston residents] have all kicked in and helped one another and we need that in times like these."