LONGVIEW - Kevin Warren is confident on the tennis court and in the cockpit. The recent LeTourneau grad knew he always wanted to be in the skies. “I’ve always wanted to be a pilot since I was about 4 years old,” Warren stated, “I had this dream of being an airline pilot, and to be able to come to LeTourneau and put in four years of hard work is pretty cool.”

When Warren arrived on campus as a freshman, he knew that it would be challenging to be a tennis player and aviation major. “It’s really tough. It makes for a lot of long nights and a lot of early mornings. It’s not exactly the best thing in the world, but you get used to it after a while,” said Warren. Fortunately, Warren’s enthusiasm for aviation is what drives him. “Its all about passion. Anything in this life, if you want it bad enough…its really about passion.”

Warren is also passionate about tennis, which is something that he got into during his earlier years. “Tennis is something I picked up from my sister and I started playing in the 7th grade. It wasn’t something I took serious until I was a sophomore in high school,” Warren continued, “Then I realized I have a God-given talent here. I want to pursue this and go to college for it.”

While Warren enjoyed being a college athlete, his ultimate goal will take him far away from the tennis court. “My ultimate goal is to be a Southwest pilot. That by far has been my goal since I was a little kid.”

Warren is well on his way to becoming a pilot. He will now work as an instructor to get enough flight hours to qualify for commercial airline training. Once he spends enough time in the air, he's already got an offer to work as a first officer with ExpressJet Airlines.