LONGVIEW - When it comes to overcoming adversity, the Longview High School football team can write the book about it. But despite the challenges, the Lobos are just one win away from making a state championship appearance.

In Week 2 of the season, starting running back Jessie Anderson went down with a season ending injury. (Anderson would make his return during the State Quarterfinals last week). “It was very hard, but I wanted it for my team more than just for me,” Anderson stated, “I just encouraged them every step of the way. I kept working out since I got hurt and came back trying to be better than what I was”.

In addition to Anderson, the Lobos were without five starters. However, they found a way to be successful week after week.

“Our kids stuck together. We found a way to win. It took some hard work and some sacrifice,” head coach John King explained, “Kids pulling double duty and doing whatever it took. Kids buying in and being unselfish.”

Because of all the injuries, some players had to switch positions and take on new roles. Senior Adarius Carter made the switch from quarterback to wide receiver. (Though he still takes snaps in wildcat formations). “We have a great rotation. The coaches know what they’re doing,” Carter stated.

The Lobos will face Midway (Waco) this Saturday at 6:00pm.