MINEOLA, Texas - They've sealed the deal once again, the Mineola Yellowjackets are headed back to the state championship game and for the seniors on the team, winning a ring would be rewarding.

"We have a picture up in the locker room of it and it's really nice and I think it'll be wonderful to have it on my finger as a senior and graduate with it," says senior defensive tackle Dalton Robles.

This is the second time in school history the team has made it to the state finals and knowing what to expect once they get there is half the battle.

"A lot of these guys out here they started as freshmen and sophomores on varsity this was our first experience all the way here so we don't anything really different other than playing good football but there was a lot of stage fright our first time going seeing all the big lights and stuff but this time I think we're a lot more calm and more confident," explains senior center Luke Bowden.

But for head coach Joe Drennon having a veteran presence on the field has helped move the team forward.

"You can't replace experience that's something that you can't replace so I do believe that it's helped us through the playoff run this year, bottom line is we're going to have to play really good football to win the game, I'm proud of my kids, and I 'm proud of the leadership that we have here and I don't just think I have one leader I think I have a bunch of leaders in that fieldhouse," says Drennon.

For the team being back in the state championship is familiar territory for the Yellowjackets but it's not just about coming back with a win, it's about being able to make history.

"It's just all the hard work and we believe that we will win it's just going to be amazing if we do it just to make history for our school," says Robles.

Mineola will face Yoakum in the home of the Cowboys this Thursday and for the Yellowjackets this is just another game.

"We expected to be back here this round it's the best this team has been in a while and we don't doubt we'll win this thing," explains Bowden.

"I think we are focusing on just playing a normal game and not worrying about what stadium we're in and just focus on just getting a ring," states Robles.

The Mineola Yellowjackets will play the Yoakum Bulldogs at 8 p.m. at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.