HALLSVILLE/MARSHALL - High schools through out East Texas have been making some serious changes this off season but there are still some familiar faces popping up in different places. Former Mineola Head Coach Joe Drennon has taken his talent to Hallsville to help turn the program around.

Last year, Drennon lead his team to a class 3A Division I championship with the orange and white, but now he's wearing purple and gold.

"I loved the orange when I wore it I think so much of that school and those kids and those people and what they did for me in that community and my family it's unreal," says Drennon.

But for Coach Drennon it's all about moving on and preparing for this season.

"I'm going to tell you what I'm excited to be wearing the purple and gold right now these kids have been coming out and working extremely hard for us they had a great summer of work and things are going really good right now," explains Drennon.

The Marshall Mavericks are another team that has made some coaching changes. Former SMU running backs coach Claude Mathis, was hired earlier this year.

Mathis spent 7 seasons as the head coach over at DeSoto High School, and is getting used to his new role in East Texas.

"This transition has been great the community has been awesome to me the kids have welcomed me, and my family here, and it's a great environment you know leaving from DeSoto, and SMU it's a big transition than coming here but I can tell you right now this community in Marhsall has made me feel more welcome than any place I've been," says Mathis.