KANSAS CITY - There were 3 quarterbacks picked in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Deshaun Watson signed with Houston shortly after the draft and Mitchell Trubisky signed with Chicago on Wednesday.

That left Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes as the only 1st round QB to be unsigned.

That changed on Thursday as Mahomes signed a 4-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, with a team option for a 5th season.

Mahomes will be paid nicely for this deal. He'll make a total of $16.4 million, with another $10 million being given to him as a signing bonus.

The timing of this signing is perfect as Chiefs rookies report to training camp on Monday. Mahomes is expected to compete for the back-up job, with the hope that he's ready to take over the starting QB position in the next year or two.