The Tyler Junior College men’s soccer team has simply dominated the competition this year. The Apaches are currently ranked first in the nation, in addition to being undefeated on the season.

Coach Steve Clements credits the success to the dedication of the players.

"Our guys have worked awfully hard and our players have certainly did everything that we've asked of them; and for that, I think we've been very successful," Clements stated.

The players also realize that if it weren't for the coaches, they would likely not be in this situation.

Tyler native Alfonso Ochoa, who is a center midfielder, stated "we have a really good team, and everyone is a good individual player; but our coaches' discipline had a lot to do with how the team moved forward."

After coming up short on a national title last year, the players are anxious to get back to the big dance this season.

"I think we're just hungry this year," stated Shaun Stocker. "We've got a class of sophomores that lost in the national final last year. (this year) is their last chance to win the national ring including myself."

Fortunately for the Apaches, TJC will be hosting the national tournament this year, set to begin Nov. 5.