TYLER -- When you win four back to back championships it's sometimes easy to get complacent but for the TJC Apache Baseball team it's now all about the drive for five. This is where the '4-peat' was born, and for head coach Doug Wren that's where it will stay.

"We don't talk about it a whole lot these guys understand that we're going to ask a lot of them a lot out of them day in and day out and so our hope is that these guys just buy in and they just stick to the plan," says Wren.

TJC begins the 2018 season this week, and there are a few new faces on the team who are excited about the opportunity to be part of a championship team.

"I think it's pretty awesome considering my name being Fiver and all hopefully it's a good omen," says freshmen catcher Fiver Trimble.

"Being from Carthage not to be boastful or anything but I'm kind of used to it you know the atmosphere is kind of the same you kow very detail oriented I'm just looking to fit in and do my part and help us get to that one goal of winning," explains freshmen Kason Davis

"You know hearing about all the things this team has accomplished you it really feels like being apart of something special here is something that any baseball player would want," explains Trimble.

One player who knows how to win is sophomore utility player Taylor Broadway. Broadway is the reigning national player of the year, and he's taking on another position. The role of mentor.

"I just like to be able to show them how to do it the right way kind of just show them that I work hard without being to loud or talking to much, that's just what makes it a team and makes it a family," says Broadway.

For coach Wren hitting the reset button each season is no easy task. But it's one he looks forward to every year.

"This is a new team so our challenge is to g et these guys to buy in everyday, but we're going to go earn it and we don't expect anything to be given to us and if we stay in that mindset I think we'll be ok," explains Wren.