The Traylor brothers are known in East Texas as highly regarded coaches. Both Kurt and Jeff Traylor coached together for several years at Gilmer High School, which produced three state titles.

Off the field, they are just as competitive with each other. Kurt explains, "Just watch us play golf or ping pong...look at our garage wall. There's holes in our garage wall. When I beat him, he throws the ping pong paddle through the wall."

Both brothers will be headed to new coaching positions in the fall. Kurt was just hired as the head football coach of Robert E. Lee, while Jeff will be headed to S.M.U. as the associate head coach/running backs coach. Jeff is looking forward to his tenure at S.M.U. and stated, "We've got one of the best teams that we've had there in years. We have a schedule that's favorable, so we're excited."

Kurt, on the other hand, has already started instilling his coaching philosophy at Lee. "Every time we finish a drill, a coach is going to find something positive. We're not going to be on the negative, we're going to find something positive in everything that we do."

Both Traylor brothers have the determination and skill set to experience success at their respective programs.