TYLER - The UT Tyler men's soccer team has had some success in recent years. But that success has been limited to the regular season. The Patriots have always ended up a little short in the postseason and that's why they haven't made it to the national tournament since 2011.

This year, the Patriots lost in the ASC Championship game. But they had a strong resume and they were rewarded with an at-large bid to the national tournament.

No players on this team have ever been to the D3 tournament before, but head coach Kenny Jones has. He's led 3 previous UT Tyler teams to the national tournament, most recently 6 years ago. And he's helping his team keep everything in perspective.

Coach Jones says, "Yes we're in the tournament, yes its a one and done, but really nothing has changed outside of the circumstance and other than that, yeah, the ball is still round, the grass is green, and yeah, there's gonna be 22 people on the field."

UT Tyler will play their opening round game on Saturday when they head to San Antonio to take on #2 Trinity.