ST. PAUL, Minn. - They've told us, and told us, and told us.

The Minnesota State Patrol is responsible for keeping the roads safe, and part of that mission involves reminding motorists not to drive drunk. Like all messages, this one needs freshening every once in a while, and the patrol is hoping a dash cam videotape will underline how important it is to drive sober, especially during the holidays.

Shot from inside a trooper's squad, the tape (which was released Wednesday) documents the driver of a semi-truck on Highway 10 in Morrison County being pulled over after swerving off the road and nearly taking out road signs. That driver was so intoxicated he fell to the ground when stepping out of the semi and could not stand back up for several minutes.

Tests showed the driver had a blood alcohol content of .28 percent. Troopers also found two bottles of vodka in the cab of the truck.

He was eventually convicted of 3rd degree DWI.