3 Siblings contribute to 300 lb. family weight loss

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LINDALE (KYTX) - Last week, we introduced you to a family who lost more than 300 pounds in a weight loss challenge together.  The parents aren't the only ones benefiting from a dramatic weight loss, so are their children.  In this week's fit city, find out what motivated the kids to get healthy.

Some of the children, even though they were grown, felt really self conscious about their weight. The Martins worried about how others perceived their weight as well, but not anymore.

70 pounds ago, Keri Martin felt depressed, weighed down in unhealthy food choices.  Back then, Keri attempted very little exercise to work off those calories.

"It finally clicked. I went into the gym and found Zumba.  I love dancing. My Zumba instructor helped me get started," says Keri Martin.

She now craves working out, instead of pizza.

"I have to get out and run and do something," says Keri.

Keri's quest to lose weight had a ripple effect in the family.

"We had so much junk food in our house. We had pizza almost everyday. We had pasta. Once Keri threw out the foods, everything changed," says Sam Martin.

"She was going to the gym and was eating healthy and when I got married, I put on a lot of happy weight . When I saw her getting healthy, I wanted to get healthy too," says Ashley Hamrick.

Keri's sister, Ashley Hamrick had her own reasons for wanting to lose 30 pounds.

"I hated shopping because I used to be at a size I liked. and since I was no longer at that size. I just didn't want to go at all, so I just stuck with my one to 2 pair of fat pants and baggy sweatshirts and T-shirts," says Ashley.

Ashley was able to trade in her baggy pants for fitted ones after the family came together for the ViSalus weight loss challenge.

"What I eat now. I will have my 2 shakes a day and then at night I will have a salad or a gluten free chicken wrap. I do a lot of soup," says Ashley. 

Their brother, Sam, believes the weight loss challenge and the 60 pounds he lost as a result, changed his life.

"I was constantly tired, not motivated to do anything, but now I feel like I can do anything," says Sam. 

That's a feeling shared by the entire Martin family, made stronger one step, one bite at time.

"I couldn't have done any of my weight loss without them. I made them do it with me. I made them do it with me because I couldn't have done it by myself," says Keri.

The martin family believes that support and setting goals helped them succeed.



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