90 Day Challenge Week 11: Gillian's Update

Another week under our belt and another few pounds down. We are pushing as hard as we can for the remainder of our 90 Day Fitness Challenge at XTC Fitness & Sports with Tony Cruz.

Besides the obvious changes of feeling better, clothes fitting better and sleeping better, there are some changes I hadn't expected. I've mentioned in my updates that I'm not a runner. I'm still not a runner, however, since Tony has pushed and encouraged me to run I have now picked up the pace. I've been surprised how much better I'm doing making a lap around the track. We even did sprints today.  I don't think I'll be running any races anything soon though.

Another change is how much more efficient we are at completing our workouts. In the beginning, it was a struggle for Justin and me to keep up and complete an exercise without stopping. For example, if Tony told us to "do 100 bicycles" we would have to stop 2 or 3 times before reaching the end. Now, we can lay down and do 100 without stopping. Same goes for jumping rope.

And a third change I have noticed is in my push-ups. I used to do the "girly" push-up on my knees. You know what I'm talking about. I just wasn't strong enough to do a full extended push-up. Now I can! I still have room for improvement, but they are better.

Tony has taught me that in order to see results you have to change-up your workout and keep your body guessing. I think people get in a rut with their workout and that's why they don't see results. I can now speak from experience that in order to see physical changes you have to lift more weight, do more reps and push yourself harder than you think possible. Of course, your diet needs to be lean and clean as well, or at least everything in moderation.

I'm excited to see what happens as we wrap-up our time with Tony and begin the next challenge of working out and eating on our own. I'll give you another update next week.



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