90 Day Challenge Week 11: Justin's Update

TYLER (KYTX) -- It's hard to believe we've already reached week 11 in our 90-day fitness challenge! Our final workout and weigh-in are coming up August 19th. If you asked me if I was counting down the days I'd have to say no! Looking back over the past few months I have achieved some personally significant accomplishments with the help of Tony Cruz at XTC.

When I first started this program I still wasn't cleared to run after breaking my leg last year and it wasn't strong enough to do it anyway. Now I'm running several miles a week. I couldn't jump rope to save my life because the impact was too much. While it may not seem like much of an accomplishment to most people I can now do more than 100 without stopping. And while I was blessed with the coordination of an armadillo, I'm actually doing jumping jacks the correct way. Believe it or not... I've been doing them incorrectly for more than 30 years. Whoops!

The food from Let's Cook is featuring a lot more vegetables. Summer is a great time to access a lot of fantastic, fresh veggies we don't get to enjoy the rest of the year. That's great because I've always been a fan and they taste great. I actually find myself eating a lot of more of those and craving less protein so hopefully that will pay off on the scale!

We just have 2 and a half weeks left to go. I have a goal weight in mind and I'm praying for willpower to be able to reach it. Thank you for checking in!


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