90 Day Challenge Week 3: Gillian's update

Week 3 is under our belt... the belt which we hope gets smaller soon. Tony Cruz with XTC Fitness & Sports continues to push me and Justin and we are seeing results. I have now lost about 6 pounds and gaining more strength everyday, although I have a long way to go. It is encouraging to feel better and it drives me to try harder at each workout.

I will admit it is still hard though. I guess the quote, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right," is true, and Tony is the right person to lead us on this charge. We are learning quickly why he is called an "acclaimed sports/fitness trainer." He knows the perfect balance between weight training and cardio so every workout impacts our whole body, and we usually feel it the next day. I have never had a trainer like this before who moves you from one exercise to the next so quickly. He is amazing... incredibly hard, but amazing!

Some of the exercises use our own body weight, which makes it perfect to do these exercises right in our own home to supplement our workouts. Some of those include: squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, bicycles, toe touches and walk-outs with a push-up. (BTW, we are beginning to think Tony's counting system doesn't begin at 1 but rather 25, because we never do less than 25 of anything! In fact, today we did two sets of 100 bicycles.)

We also did some testing today to check our endurance and strength at this point. Let me just say we were both gassed and exhausted when we got done. It gave a good bench mark to measure our progress and where we need to go.

Tony is big on "focus." It's what gives us that extra push to do more than we think. It's been the most eye-opening for me at this point as I mentioned in my journal last week. For example, anyone who knows me knows I don't run or jog. Well, guess what? I am now running when Tony makes us take a lap on the track at XTC. I would have never guessed that could happen. I'm completely out of breath when I'm done, but at least I can make it around without requiring oxygen at the end of the lap. (If you haven't seen the track at XTC it has a big hill you go up and a big hill you go down. I like the coming down better!)

As far as nutrition goes, we both continue our regimen of eating food from Let's Cook in Tyler. They are balanced meals with portion control. I have been very disciplined to only eat the meals they give us and have not felt hungry. I have also upped my water in-take quite a bit. My meals this week have included a lot of chicken and vegetables. We are allowed to snack on carrots and celery so I do that work in the afternoon. One of my favorite snacks from Let's Cook is the cranberry protein muffin. Delicious!

If you are trying to find the courage to begin a routine to get healthy and fit there is no time like the present. The biggest thing I can say is just get moving! It will be extremely hard at first, but will get easier. "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Do it for your health!


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