90 Day Challenge Week 3: Justin's Update

TYLER (KYTX) -- Gillian and I are in week number three of our 90-day challenge and I can definitely say I'm seeing results! Just to recap Gillian and I are working out several times a week with Tony Cruz at XTC and we're eating meals packed with lean protein and nutrients from Let's Cook in Tyler. Sometimes after we finish our morning workouts with Tony I will double up and do some more cardio and weight training. I can tell you this: just Thursday I noticed it was much easier to push myself to get through a weightlifting set. I was working on my shoulders and I just kept going. Did it burn? Yes, probably as much as usual. But it felt completely natural to push through it. That shocked me... in a very good way.

In the weight department I did get on a scale Thursday and I have lost 5 pounds! My face looks a bit thinner...think "Pillsbury Doughboy" if he was made with less yeast. But more than anything I'm noticing more muscle mass. Think "Pillsbury Doughboy" if he had a mid-life crisis and took the Star Wars sheet off the weight bench in the garage.

I'm not going to lie. The toughest part for me has never been working out. It's eating the right things. I've always been a snacker... a late-night snacker. Fortunately the food from Let's Cook is very filling and tasty. There are even some healthy snacks like a delicious protein muffin, cookies and a fruit and nut bar. I get cravings, but glares from all the eyes in the newsroom when I drift toward someone's birthday cookie cake are enough to make me plot a new course.

I also got some great news at the doctor this week that my broken leg has healed well and it's ok to start doing some light running.  This is news I've been waiting to hear for a long time and I am thrilled!

Thanks for checking in on us and look for another update next week!


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