90 Day Challenge Week 4: Gillian's Update

Week 4 was a tough one, but I am now down 8 pounds so this 90 Day Fitness Challenge is working. Tony Cruz at XTC Fitness & Sports cranked it up a notch this week! In fact, one day when we got done with our workout this week Tony said, "You just burned 1500 calories." No wonder I was about to collapse!

We did some new exercises this week including: running stairs (which is not for the faint of heart I discovered), squats while balancing on a Bosu Ball (my legs were shaking like noodles) and throwing and catching a medicine ball (it's a good stress reliever to slam that big ball!)

Tony really encouraged me to push myself this week and pick up the pace when running laps. It was hard, but I did it. I must admit it felt good... when I was done running that is. However, accepting and meeting new fitness challenges are rewarding and presses me to see what can be accomplished next.

I continue to be on target with my nutrition. I realize what's goes into my mouth is 80% of this "get fit" challenge, so I'm serious about it. I have been diligent about sticking with the meals provided by "Let's Cook" in Tyler, which contain a lot of lean meat and vegetables. I have realized that when you eat balanced, nutritious meals and snacks you don't feel hungry and the cravings go away. Who knew! It's been the eye-opener of the week for me. I come back to the point that it's all about meal planning, so you aren't tempted to eat junk.

With one month under our belt now, I'm excited to see what the next month brings... hopefully more toning and weight loss. If you are joining me and Justin on this journey we hope you are having much success!


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