90 Day Challenge Week 5 & 6: Gillian's Update

Week 5 and 6 have only gotten tougher in this 90 Day Fitness Challenge. I am happy to report I am now down almost 12 pounds. Tony Cruz at XTC Fitness & Sports tells us he is pleased with our progress so far and is encouraging us to take it to the next level. We still have a long way to go to achieve our fitness goals, but we are well on our way thanks to lots of support from Tony.

He added a few "surprises" this week, which translates into "hard exercises."  We did lots of incline push-ups. That's where our feet are elevated on a step and we are on an incline doing the push-up... very hard! I have included a picture (not of me) so you can see that this can be done right in your own living room by propping your feet up on your couch or a chair.  It really intensifies the push-up.  Even if you can't do the actual push-up, just hold the plank position and it will help strengthen your core and abs... at least that's what Tony tells me. 

Another exercise that will burn calories and can be done in your home is a mountain climber (see picture). Justin and I cringe when Tony says, "Give me 50 mountain climbers."  They're a killer!

Nutrition continues to be easy thanks to Let's Cook in Tyler. Chef Craig Barlow makes us prepared meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which makes sticking to a good diet a breeze.  We just heat them in the microwave for a minute and enjoy!  I have decided my favorite is the breakfast burrito from Let's Cook.  It has 184 calories with 24.9% of those coming from protein.  Sticking to a nutritious, balanced diet is key to losing weight and gaining muscle.  The real challenge for me and Justin will be when this challenge is over and we are preparing our own meals.  This is where the lifestyle change really comes in.  For me, it means no more finishing my daughters french fries when we are out to eat.

One big piece of advice I would give someone trying to lose weight is to increase your water intake. It does help you shed the pounds. I'm told there are a number of reasons to drink more water including: burning calories, helping maintain muscle tone and making you feel fuller and therefore satisfied eating less.  It's recommended you drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. How much water you actually need depends on your weight, level of activity, the temperature and humidity of your environment and your diet.

We are now halfway through our fitness challenge and despite how rigorous it is, we are really enjoying it and the transformation is exciting.  Working as a team and having a partner is good for me and Justin.  It keeps us accountable and we support each other at the gym and at work. We are looking forward to the next 5 weeks.

If you are joining me and Justin on a fitness journey we hope you are enjoying the ride and seeing results too!


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