90 Day Challenge Week 8: Gillian's Update

Two months down... one month to go! We just finished week 8 of our 90 Day Fitness Challenge at XTC Fitness & Sports with Tony Cruz. Justin and I have both ramped it up recently. Several days a week we are now doing two workouts a day; one with Tony and one on our own. I have supplemented my workouts by adding a step class, running laps or hopping on the elliptical. The extra effort is paying off. The scale moved this week and I am now down 13 pounds!

I will admit, we are not exactly wide-awake or pretty for our workouts at 8 am, but it is encouraging when people cheer us on at the gym. We appreciate your support, especially as we are gasping for air. Tony has us working out with a group of people now, which includes team drills. They are much more fit than me, but they definitely give me something to strive for and push me to do more. It's amazing how much extra effort you put in when you know someone else is counting on you.

Tony is making a change to our diet for these last 4 weeks as an extra push to see greater results. He is cutting out carbs. Yep, that means no tortillas or rice, which we have been eating up until now. Let's Cook owner Kyna Clendenin will be preparing meals for us that only include protein and vegetables. (My 10 pm producer is already beginning to think I am a rabbit since I snack on carrots and celery everyday at work.) I did include a picture this week of a meal I think is delicious from Let's Cook; chicken on a lettuce leaf. Easy to make at home too.

Alright, we are in the homestretch of our transformation. Thanks for checking in. I'll give you another update next week.


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