90 Day Challenge Weeks 4 & 5: Justin's Update

TYLER (KYTX) -- The past two weeks have been busy ones. A family emergency and a planned trip both kept me out of town. Consequently my routine of eating meals from Let's Cook and the workouts at XTC were interrupted. Fortunately it wasn't too difficult to make wise food choices based on the meals I've been eating lately. I stuck with lean protein and a lot of vegetables. I also got to work out at a few gyms and thankfully I've been cleared to run so that made exercising a lot easier. What I noticed when I returned though, was that my body was a bit shocked when I resumed my workouts with Tony Cruz. Like many of us, I never push myself quite as hard when I'm working out alone. For me it really pays to workout in a team situation and especially to have a trainer motivating me through the difficult points.

As for results I'm thankful for what I've seen. We had a 5-week evaluation and I lost several inches off my waist and gained quite a bit of muscle including a few inches in my chest and arms. The body fat dropped by 1.5 percent. Now my goals are to "up" my workouts adding in a second workout a couple of days a week and to try to eat my meals earlier in the day instead of at night when I get home. This is when getting up early and falling asleep as soon as you get home work in your favor!

I'll have another update next week! Thanks for checking in on me!


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