A leukemia diagnosis not keeping Tyler man from Fit City Success

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TYLER (KYTX) -  About 5 years ago, Kenneth Brown was told he had CLL.  That's Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia-- a type of blood cancer.  Kenneth has always been active and he was determined not to let a diagnosis change that.

"I do all the machines except what would put weight on my back," says Kenneth Brown.


76 year old Kenneth Brown is doing everything in his power to fight old injuries and his leukemia.  That means 3 to 4 days a week of weight training at 360 Fitness in Tyler and other daily workouts.  

"I do Yoga and Tai Chi for an hour everyday before I come to the gym," says Brown. Which Kenneth says virtually eliminates his back pain.  "I try to do it everyday and if I don't, the pain tells me I need to start doing it everyday," says Brown.

His years of exercise and continued discipline pumping iron are actually just what the doctor ordered.  "I have a type of leukemia that there is no treatment for, but if you try to eat right-- fresh foods, organic when you can get it, and exercise everyday, it slows the progression of the cancer," says Brown. 

Kenneth says his leukemia is progressing at half the normal rate and he feels good.  He says daily workouts keep him mentally fit and his attitude positive.

"I am in the fall - winter stage of my life, the last stage and I want to be able to enjoy my life and exercise allows me to do that, so it's very special to me," says Brown.
Life, Kenneth says, is a precious gift and we need to maintain it.  That's why he gets up and gets moving every single day.

Now, Kenneth doesn't workout with heavy weights, nothing more than 50 pounds.  He sticks to high reps and low weight.  That combined with Tai Chi also helps him with balance, which he says is a big deal for seniors.

Though studies show exercise helps cancer patients feel better mentally and physically, you should talk to your doctor first.  They can help tailor an exercise plan that fits you. 






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