Checking in on Justin and Gillian's 90 day fitness challenge

Checking in on Justin and Gillian's 90 day fitness challenge

TYLER (KYTX) -  Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan are now a third of the way through their own Fit city challenge.  So much has changed since they started Tony Cruz's program, from how much they workout to what they eat.  CBS 19's Dana Hughey is staying on top of their progress in this week's Fit City.

It's only been 30 days since Justin and Gillian started their 90-day challenge and together, they've lost 16 3/4 inches.  They're already planning to turn 90 days of grueling workouts and healthy meals into a lifestyle change.

Tony Cruz is turning up the heat on Justin and Gillian's workouts at XTC.  "Just this week, I upgraded the level of their workout, plus my tone of voice and everything else, because I am demanding more out of them actually," says Tony Cruz, XTC Fitness and Sports.

"It is really intense. Tony has us going from one exercise to the next. Some days he doesn't even give us a break. It's from weights to cardio, it is a full body workout and he keeps you going," says Gillian. 

Tony says he can count on Justin and Gillian to respond when he ramps up the intensity and they count on him to -- "Punish us in every way possible, but all for our benefit," jokes Justin about Tony. 

That's translated to better respirations and recovery after each exercise.  "If we just based it off their attitude and we didn't measure. They are a thumbs up," says Tony.

But it was time to face the scales and measuring tape again.  We checked in to see how Justin and Gillian's bodies are changing by eating lean and working out to get lean.

Justin has lost 3 pounds, 1 1/2% body fat and 5 inches. Justin is losing inches in the right places and gaining inches where men want in the chest and arms.  "The good news is the body mass reader shows I have less fat and more muscle so obviously there are results that are positive," says Justin.

Gillian lost 11 3/4 inches overall, 10 pounds and 2.4% body fat.  "Makes me feel great. It was hard to get going.  That first week was probably the hardest and that would be my word of encouragement to anybody who is getting ready to start an exercise routine, it is going to be really hard in the beginning. If you can get through the first week of stiffness and soreness, you can make it. It gets better," says Gillian.

Part of their success comes from the food they're eating from Let's Cook in Tyler.  Which is lean meats, proteins, vegetables and they give us a few snacks too which are high in protein as well," says Gillian. "I don't feel hungry."  A quick meal without all the guilt and calories.  "All we have to do is put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and they are ready to eat and it has made life easier," says Justin.

What's also made this journey easier for Justin and Gillian is each other.  "Usually when I have the desire to have candy. I tell Gillian and she talks me down from the ledge," says Justin.  Gillian says, "Justin and I share pains and aches."

But they're also sharing how much better they feel on their journey to Fit City Success.  


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