East Texas kids exercising and loving, even in the summer

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TYLER (KYTX) - The summer is more than half-way over. So, you've probably heard the kids say, Mom and Dad-- 'I'm bored.'  Now is your chance to get them to drop the video remote controls and chips to get back on the healthy track. 

Kids were having a blast at Rose Rudman park, playing games with their friends

"I like to exercise. It is really fun," says Emilie Eix.

Emilie Eix actually signed up for this camp that's all about exercise and good nutrition.

"She gave us a snack yesterday it was a banana muffin and it was really good.  she has talked about looking at the nutrition facts on your boxes and so I am starting to pay attention to that," says Emilie. 

Cassie Ebert is running the ETMC Olympic Center's Kids in Motion camp.  "Kids are not always into a traditional walking or running or stuff like that.  They need to be engaged and understand that exercise is something fun.  They're  still running and jumping and getting strength and cardio, out of doing  kickball or any other relay races," says Cassie Ebert, East Texas Medical Center Olympic Center Exercise Specialist. 

She says even in the summer kids need 1 hour of exercise a day.  "That doesn't mean stick them on a treadmill for 60 minutes.  That means they need to be active and playing and off of the video games and couch," says Cassie Ebert. 

Some ideas for the family from health.gov--  walking or hiking,  swimming, jumping rope, riding bikes, dancing, rollerblading or even playing tag.

"Right now we're playing and it is awesome," says Austin Starkey, 11 years old from Troup. 

Austin Starkey worked up a sweat doing playing games at Kids in Motion camp.

"I am usually just at the house watching TV and playing video games, but I am actually getting exercise and building my muscles," says Austin.

Making these the active, instead of the lazy days of Summer.

Cassie Ebert with ETMC Olympic Center had another great idea for kids who need a little exercise encouragement.  If you're taking them on a walk, pass the time by playing I-Spy.  Just another way to make working out, fun.

Parents, it's important to remember that studies show  kids gain weight 2 to 3 times faster in the summer than when they're going to school.  But, programs like Kids in Motion and daily exercise can keep them on track.


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