East Texas mom finds strength in workouts with trainer, tones up after baby #2

East Texas mom finds strength in workouts with trainer, tones up after baby #2

 TYLER (KYTX) - An East Texas mom is passing along what she's learned in her personal training sessions to the entire family.  What started out as a mission to lose baby weight has turned into a lifestyle change.  About 2 years ago Devone Leach started a cardio routine at Premier Fitness in Tyler.  At the time, she wasn't ready to strength train, but she's 5 months in now and liking the results. 

Devone Leach knows it's important to make time for herself at the gym.  She is a busy, working mom of 2 boys.  "With my first son, I only gained 22 pounds, so it was easy to bounce back and with my second child I gained 35 pounds and I felt like I couldn't lose it," says Devon Leach.

Like a lot of us, she's trying to firm up and drop a few.  "For my birthday-Valentine's gift, he got me a personal trainer.

Emily Dumelle is that trainer at Premier Fitness. She actually met Devone 2 years ago.  "I did her training assessment.  I put her through a sample workout and we did her body fat and her measurements.  She ,like most females after they have a baby, they have this idea they want to do cardio first and lose the weight," says Emily.

In February, the two reunited for full-body, strength training workouts.  "I don't feel alone out there. I am very intimidated by it. Because you see a lot more gentlemen out there and so when I am out there I don't feel as confident.  With her by my side, I am more confident that I am doing it correctly," says Devone.

Emily designs twice a week circuit training sessions to keep Devone's heart rate up and her body burning calories and building muscle.  "I show them new things and they are like, 'there is now way I can do that,'" says Emily.  Exercises like "good mornings" are new and challenging.  "I am like why don't you try and they are like, 'Oh my gosh, I can do that.' So then it gives them the confidence to push themselves and try to new things."

Emily also encourages her clients to live healthier outside the weight room.  "I like to have my clients do some food journaling.  With technology, there are tons of apps out there. A popular one is my fitness pal. It allows clients to track everything they eat and I can log on to see everything they are eating," says Emily.

Devone is eating more clean now.  "We were pretty bad. We would go through the fast food lines a lot," says Devone.  Now she's making meals for her family packed with turkey meat, green leafy vegetables and fruit.  "When I switched over, I realized the importance of less processed food and better nutrition with vegetables and lean meats," says Devone.

"The more natural and healthy foods you put in it, the better results you are going to get," says Devone.  Devone's hard work in the gym and at home helped her drop 5 dress sizes and 9 inches in 5 months and she has more energy for her kids.

"I would like to be around to see my kids have kids and I know the first step in that is to take care of myself and be an example to my kids as well," says Devone.

Devone has inspired her husband and her mom to start toning up and eating cleaner.   They've both lost weight and her children even love coming to the gym. 
It's turned into a family fit city success. 


Devone is ready to accomplish more.  She wants to try a spartan race, which is filled with mud, water, and signature obstacles.  She also wants to do a pull-up on her own and keep toning up her new body. 


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