East Texas Sisters motivating each other to Fit City Success

East Texas Sisters motivating each other to Fit City Success

TYLER (KYTX) - If there was a way to train longer, burn more calories and go to the gym more, you might try it, right?  Research finds women actually train harder with a workout partner. Two East Texas women can attest to that.  We find out how they're motivating each other to Fit City Success.

Jessica Rust and Stephanie Brown aren't just best friends, they're sisters and workout partners.  "I figured if I was going to suffer, I would like someone to suffer with me and I thought she was the perfect person," says Stephanie Brown.  "The first time I did it. I thought I was going to die, and came back the next day together and the next day and the next day," says Jessica.

It was perfect timing for Jessica to start training at CrossFit Tyler because she wanted to lose some baby weight.  Jessica could see it was working for Stephanie.

"She really got into fitness and lost a whole bunch of weight and I was inspired by that and I wanted to lose the baby weight. I lost it really easily the first time and the second time it didn't happen so easy," says Jessica.

Stephanie's reasons for starting CrossFit were different.  "I had just graduated as a nurse and realized I was taking care of patients 20 years older than me about the same lifestyle choices," says Stephanie.

She decided it was time to get healthy.  For the sisters, that means 5 days a week in the gym lifting, squats or whatever the workout of the day entails, combined with a Paleo diet.  "No grains, legumes, no dairy. I have noticed a huge change in the way my body performs when I eat well," says Stephanie. 

The sisters also perform better when they are supporting one another.  A 2013 study reveals 2/3 of women who exercise with friends will push themselves harder than if they went alone.

"She isok.is okng yelled at encouraged, but I don't do well with people yelling at me, so we know our buttons. We know how to motivate without going over the line," says Stephanie.  

And then, there's the friendfriendly sisters.  "I am actually not a competitive person at all," says Stephanie.  "But... there is something about her that makes me competitive and it makes me want to do just a little bit better."

Since starting CrossFit, they're both doing better physically.  Jessica has dropped about 40 pounds and Stephanie is 70 pounds lighter.  They're both stronger.

"My kids have come to a couple of CrossFit competitions and my kids are like, 'You are so strong,' and I have 2 boys. I love to show them what a strong woman can do," says Jessica.  They are both leaner, which is exactly what the sisters are trying to achieve.


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