East Texas woman drops 30lbs. and keeps it off 3 yrs. later

East Texas woman drops 30lbs. and keeps it off 3 yrs. later

TYLER (KYTX) - Renee Parker's weight loss journey took off when she decided to get in better shape for her son's wedding.  She and a friend decided to join Weight Watchers.  What started out as counting points and walking, turned into a lifestyle change.

"This week I will turn 50 years old and I feel better than I have my entire life," says Renee Parker of Flint.  It's been more than 3 years since Renee parker lost 35 pounds.

"Little did I know 3 1/2 years later, I still go to meetings, count points and try to exercise everyday," says Renee.   And Renee's not turning back.

"Yesterday between morning and night, I walked 8 miles and today I have walked 3 already," says Renee.  Whether it's Rose Rudman Trail, her neighborhood or at the ROC, Renee hits the pavement whenever she can, with any friends and family she can convince to workout with her along the way.  "All my family and friends, the neighbors laugh.  It's a joke about how much I walk.  When I retired in January they said 'we are going to have to put new pavement down on the street.'"

In august of 2012, Renee decided to track how much she was walking.  So, she downloaded an app to her cell phone. In June, she hit 1000 miles.  "It was just so exciting and my husband has been my biggest cheerleader, he was just beside himself that I hit 1,000 miles.  He said you should be proud and impressed," says Renee.  

Renee's not letting up in retirement, she's toning up. She joined Woodcreek Athletic club 4 months ago adding Zumba and Body Pump to her daily workouts.  "It's kind of like the walking. It's fun, it's the stress relief."

Renee doesn't expect her Fit City journey to end here. She's excited to try new classes and walk off another thousand miles.
Renee says her support system was crucial to her Fit City Success.  Her husband and friends helped encourage her and motivate her and she does the same for them.


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